Manufacturers and Distributors – Can You Assess Your ERP Health?

Manufacturers and Distributors – Can You Assess Your ERP Health?

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Manufacturers and Distributors – Can You Assess Your ERP Health?

Is it time to assess your organization’s ERP health?

It is if your processes involve manual workarounds, stand-alone or siloed solutions, cumbersome spreadsheets or duplicate data entry.

As independent consultants serving manufacturers and distributors, we’ve seen that outdated enterprise technology hinders business process improvements.

Today’s manufacturer faces an ever-changing set of challenges. Customer requirements, rising numbers of orders, mergers and acquisitions, and numerous other demands all impact the manufacturing sector now and in the years ahead.

What’s the health of your systems and processes?

Your ERP Health Resources

To help assess ERP health, we’ve developed a few resources.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Guidance on critical questions to ask about your legacy systems.
  • The risks your business faces with outdated enterprise technology
  • Insight to assess the value your current ERP delivers now and for future expansion

Your ERP Health

The health of your technology systems has everything to do with the health of your overall business performance.

Manufacturers and distributors that relay on out-of-date, legacy ERP solutions are potentially exposing their companies to avoidable risks. It’s critical to have an accurate evaluation of the ERP health of a company to determine if it’s time to evaluate and select a new solution. By taking time to assess health, a company decision makers will have a more informed perspective on the relative viability of their current ERP solution.

Have ERP health concerns?  Contact Ultra to talk further.

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