Aaron Olin

Aaron Olin brings over 20 of years of combined Corporate and Consulting experience across a wide range of verticals and company sizes. He started with a solid foundation in Logistics and 3PL management leading fast-paced air freight operations, trucking fleets and warehouses before advancing into Supply Chain and manufacturing. Aaron has a knack for organizing the complexities of warehouse and shop floor processes and building solutions to help all levels of the organization succeed. He is passionate about health and wellness and worked early in the initial high growth phase of the organic sector. Aaron has been involved in several complete supply chain redesigns as a Director of Supply Chain in Organic ingredients and cosmetics. Aaron’s Consulting engagements include highly successful early stage nutraceuticals, complete business process improvement for several established eCommerce retailers as well as organizational development, coaching and mentoring from entry level staff to executives and founders. Aaron has spent his entire career as an early adopter of new technologies to solve real supply chain problems; using the simplest most elegant solutions available to achieve strategic objectives. Having years of experiences managing large, global teams in manufacturing, demand planning and customer service; he also understands and anticipates challenges across many functional areas in the organization. With a mix of experience in Private and Public companies Aaron is aware of how different actions in the Supply Chain affect Accounting, Reporting and Regulatory considerations. Aaron has a BA in International Relations from University of Southern California and GLS degree from California State University Long Beach. In his spare time he likes back country skiing, trail running and mountain biking.
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