Benefit or Blunder? How to Safely and Successfully Fast-Track ERP Software Selection (Video)

Is it possible to fast-track ERP software selection? Yes. Is it a good idea? Maybe.

Many manufacturers try to shortcut the software selection process. But only some get a solution well-suited to the unique needs of their industry, organization, processes and people.

To be successful, there are pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to overcome. And you need to be super-prepared. It’s crucial to know – and understand – your processes, requirements and business drivers. And most important, you must have a clear vision of your future state.

We asked Ultra's Shannon Harrop and QAD's Maureen Hunt about the prerequisites and best practices, and in this two-minute video from our recent webinar, "Benefit or Blunder, Fast-Tracking ERP Sofware Selection," they offer their insight.

What to know more? View the entire webinar on-demand here.

YouTube video

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