Producing Complex Products: 3 Tips to Improve Configuring, Pricing, Quoting

Producing Complex Products: 3 Tips to Improve Configuring, Pricing, Quoting

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Producing Complex Products: 3 Tips to Improve Configuring, Pricing, Quoting

For manufacturing organizations that produce configurable, highly complex products, operating as efficiently as possible when it comes to quoting is a significant challenge.

It’s difficult to respond quickly or accurately when using legacy systems, manual workarounds or siloed point solutions that likely bottleneck the processes that are central to ordering and sales.

Leading teams look to advanced Configure Price Quote software (CPQ) for features and functions that help organizations sell complex products more quickly from opportunity to close, eliminating costly errors and speeding up the sales cycle.

The advanced features offer an integrated tool-set to facilitate a quicker, more accurate and timely process which helps drive customer engagement when it comes to complex products.

3 Tips to Improve the Configure, Price, Quote Process

These three tips help improve customer engagement and build sales with Configure Price Quote software.

1) Show, Instead of Tell: Instead of telling potential customers why it pays to purchase from your company, provide the hard evidence. Easily incorporate 2D and 3D visualization capabilities into your sales process and have customers develop an attachment to the image they see.

The image of a product designed, in part, by the prospect is much more persuasive than any sales pitch. Adding interactive visualizations into the selling process lets you upsell and offer value-added products and services.

2) Enable Collaboration: We speak with many producers of a range of goods who know that it’s much simpler to persuade people to purchase when they’ve configured items to reflect their own unique requirements.

It’s wise to offer customers a sense of collaboration with product configuration software. Help customers make simple choices, such as embellishments and colors, as well as help them deal with larger issues like types of hinges or glass. System features should let customers easily pick different permutations to meet their specific requirements.

3) Satisfy Customers for Return Business: Retaining an existing customer is much less costly than winning a new one. CPQ software can help fundamentally transform your sales process to the point that you become full collaborative partners with your customers.

Use previous orders instead of starting from scratch, which speeds up the sales cycle. Don’t forget to look for an integrated Configure Price Quote platform that retains past customer preferences and allows sales reps to use past orders and buying behavior to proactively address your clients’ product needs.

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