Rick Halperin

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Mr. Halperin has served as CEO of Coherent Networks International Inc., a software company specializing in the telecom industries. Prior to that, Mr. Halperin was the CEO of JBA International, a unit of JBA Holdings and global ERP software company based in the U.K., where he oversaw a successful IPO. When Mr. Halperin was Vice President of Sales, Services, and Marketing for System Software Associates (SSA), a provider of extended enterprise solutions and services, the company also went public during his tenure. Mr. Halperin spent time as Area Director for Wang Laboratories, a mid-range computer manufacturer, where he was responsible for sales, support, and administrative operations covering nine Midwestern states. Prior to that engagement, Mr. Halperin spent nine years at IBM Corporation in various marketing and management positions. Mr. Halperin has served on the board of directors of several companies both private and public, including Story Inc., JBA International, Advanced Graphical Applications, Airborne Control Technologies, Made2Manage, Coherent Networks International, Epigraph, Interactive Intelligence, and multiple SSA affiliates. Mr. Halperin graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. degree in Business Administration, and acquired one year of credits toward an MBA in Marketing.
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