In Appreciation: 25 years from Ultra Consultants

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In Appreciation: 25 years from Ultra Consultants

I founded Ultra Consultants nearly twenty-five years ago with a singular vision: to guide manufacturing and distribution teams to business process transformation that improves their business performance.

As ERP consultants, we come to feel like we’re part of our clients’ organization – working shoulder to shoulder with ERP project teams throughout the country.

We’re grateful for each client engagement, and the hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies we’ve served – each of which faces a distinct set of operational, market and customer demands.

So on this season of thanks, it is fitting to first extend a sincere thanks to the manufacturing and distribution clients we’ve worked with across a range of industry sectors.

The Ultra Team

It’s Ultra’s mission to live out core values that help our clients succeed, and one of those core values is to be the best.  I’m grateful for Ultra’s ERP consulting team which includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable ERP consulting talent in the world of enterprise software within manufacturing and distribution environments.

I want to also recognize the Ultra team for their active participation in the “Ultra Gives Back Challenge.” Every month, an Ultra employee presents a community organization with which they are involved. , In addition, Ultra donates an extra $1000 to help these nonprofits that serve the communities in which our team members reside.  Through this “crowd-sourcing funding program” launched by our employees themselves, Ultra has supported a variety of regional charitable organizations including OpenWorld Learning in Denver; Adopt-a-Family in Detroit; The Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters in Arizona; Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Indiana and others.

The Community of Technology Providers

Technology plays a valuable role in meeting performance-improvement goals, from facilitating automation to reducing cycle time to streamlining business processes.  Yet a key element in improving the performance of today’s organizations are the people involved in the effort.  That’s why we want to call out and thank the enterprise software vendors including resellers, partners and other firms serving today’s manufacturing and distribution organizations.

We’re grateful for the independent relationship we have with this community of technology providers and appreciate the chance to team with solution vendors to serve our clients in the years ahead.

Thank You!

In all, it’s important to recognize Ultra’s manufacturing and distribution clients, our colleagues and of course the community of technology providers that we work with each day.

We encourage you to become part of the Ultra community. I invite you to contact Ultra to discuss your specific requirements in the months and years ahead.

From all of us at Ultra Consulting,  best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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