The Fifth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

The Fifth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

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The Fifth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

#5: Failing to Consider an Industry-Specific Solution

Most organizations start ERP selection with a list of the big names in the ERP software marketplace, research features, functionalities and total cost of ownership, and then schedule multiple rounds of sales presentations and demos.

Often overlooked in this process are the smaller solution providers that may better support particular industries and their specialized needs.

There are ERP vendors with exceptionally strong experience and domain knowledge in your vertical – and that understand your business and processes at a deep level. They offer important industry-specific features that bigger ERP solutions do not. Many times, they may be the best choice for your organization and your unique requirements. You’ll never know, however, if you don’t include them in your evaluation, listen to their pitches and see how their software works.

Think harder. Expand your search to include smaller ERP vendors with a solution built for your industry.

The 7 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation

Some mistakes are just bad strategic or financial decisions. Some are the inevitable consequence of situational or organizational factors. Some, however, are the result of process-oriented or people-centric choices – and are easily avoided. These are The Seven Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation.

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