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Greater Efficiency Requires Organizational Change: Case Study

Pacific Plumbing Supply is a 71-year-old, family-owned and operated company, with 14 branch locations and 200 employees. We weren’t looking to spend the kind of money it would take to implement a modern ERP solution,” Stafford continued, “but we understood that the ROI is in new capabilities and new tools we can use to operate more efficiently.”

erp implementation go-live checklist

ERP Implementation Go-Live Checklist

A lot can go wrong when an ERP system goes live. Critical severity defects, security holes and other technical problems can cause disruption, wreak havoc on operations, bring your business to a dead stop, and even result in multi-million-dollar lawsuits.


Resources to Help Manage Risk During an ERP Project

It’s a challenge for project teams to manage risk during an ERP project. We know as an independent ERP consulting firm with extensive experience in ERP selection and implementation projects that no enterprise software implementation project comes without some risk.

Business man pushing start button.

Starting an ERP Project? Start Here

For most ERP project teams, starting an ERP project is a daunting task. It’s common for selection teams to get pulled into a variety of directions, often losing focus because they are responding to pressing demands and fighting for internal resources to drive effective ERP selection.

erp contract

What Does it Take to Effectively Negotiate an ERP Contract?

Many of the manufacturing and distribution teams we speak with look with dread when it comes time to negotiate an ERP contract.

While this task comes at the end of business process improvement, technology evaluation and selection, we certainly understand the fear and trepidation project teams might experience when anticipating this task.

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Find the Best Independent ERP Consultant

A handy checklist helps manufacturing, distributing companies locate the best ERP consultants.

We often talk with manufacturers and distributors about their enterprise technology initiatives, and the specific role an ERP consultant can play in evaluation, selection and implementation.

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