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Industry Insights on Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

About the Podcast

Hosted by Ultra’s Strategic Alliances Director Michael Chesin, the Industry Insights Podcast puts the focus on common challenges facing industries within manufacturing and distribution. Each episode features a guest interview with an industry expert from a leading ERP Vendor.

Episode 13: (11:24)

Michael Chesin sits down with Tim Harris, Vice President of Strategy and Solutions with Arbela Technologies to share expert insights on leveraging artificial intelligence within industrial equipment manufacturing.

Michael and Tim discuss the importance of internal and external data and how they impact the overall forecasting accuracy. Tim shares some recent examples of organizations that have utilized AI to layer on additional data elements like market and virus information during the COVID-19 crisis to adjust forecasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Common challenges facing industrial manufacturing today
  • The importance of including external data factors to improve forecast accuracy
  • Real-world examples of leveraging AI and external data to adjust to the COVID-19 crises
  • Identify how you can adjust quickly to challenging times – collect key information and adjust your forecasts accurately

About Arbela

Arbela Technologies is a global consulting firm and top-rated Dynamics 365 gold certified partner that empowers organizations around the world to digitally transform and grow their businesses.  Learn more here https://www.arbelatech.com

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