Smart Shortcuts? Strategies to Accelerate the ERP Software Selection Timeline (Video)

What strategies can be used to accelerate the ERP software selection timeline? Three come to mind:

  • Skipping the long list of vendors and going straight to the short list.
  • Leveraging standard requirements lists.
  • Using cross-functional teams in selection to simplify requirements gathering.

But will these shortcuts make it more difficult to choose right solution for your organization and processes? Are they big mistakes? Or, if utilized properly, will they help you shorten the selection process?

We asked Ultra's Shannon Harrop and QAD's Maureen Hunt about these practices, and in this six-minute video from our recent webinar, "Benefit or Blunder, Fast-Tracking ERP Sofware Selection," they offer their insight – and the pros and cons.

What to know more? View the entire webinar on-demand here.

YouTube video

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