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Micro Control Case Study img

Micro Control

Successful, goal-achieving ERP projects, like Micro Control’s, require structure. At Ultra, this framework is provided by our methodology, which also provides a step-by-step guide for the business transformation journey. Get a close-up look at Micro Control’s ERP journey

Deschutes Brewery Interior

Deschutes Brewery

In setting aggressive growth goals Deschutes knew it was time for a change to their ERP system. Learn how Ultra utilized business process improvement, new efficiencies and modern software to give Deschutes the capabilities it needed to open a new brewery.

Assorted Springs - RL Spring Case Study

R&L Spring Company

For R&L Spring Company, an OEM manufacturer of precision springs, rings, wire forms and other wire products, greater process efficiency was the driver for its new ERP solution. The first task was to build an internal project team that could determine and deliver opportunities for improvement.


Chicago Tube & Iron

Chicago Tube & Iron was at a technology dead-end: Its 30-year-old, green-screen Unix-based operations management system was heavily customized and difficult to maintain and update. While it served the company well for many years through changing business models, it was time for an upgrade

Pacific plumbing truck

Pacific Plumbing Supply Enables Future Success With Broad Change Now (Video)

Like many mid-sized distributors, Pacific Plumbing Supply Company chafed against the limitations of its legacy management platform and scraped by with a number of time-consuming manual workaround processes. Owners and managers knew it was well past time to implement a modern ERP solution and gain the advantages it would offer.

Evans Pork Rinds

Evans Food Group Ltd.

Evans Food Group, Ltd. was experiencing growth and had tried to solve the company’s growth challenges through ERP before. By the time they engaged with Ultra Consultants for the ERP selection process, they were considerably overdue for solution upgrades to meet customer demand and business growth.

4 Potential Solutions for the Manufacturing Labor Shortage

Skilled manufacturing jobs continue to go unfilled, despite the ongoing economic recovery from the pandemic downturn, strong job growth overall, rising wages across nearly every vertical and high unemployment in the service sector (and others). The result is production bottlenecks, reduced capacity, unfilled orders, low inventories and lost sales. What…

Global Consumer Goods Organization Improves Business Processes and Prepares for Growth

Global organizations, particularly those dealing in Consumer Goods, often struggle with piecemeal systems, which create inconsistent approaches to business processes and financials.

5 Guidelines for Evaluating ERP Systems for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers

Today’s ERP systems for Consumer Products Manufacturers (CPG) must drive true transformation. In order to compete, consumer goods companies must keep pace with customer demand while managing margins and complying with ever-changing safety and environmental regulations

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