Nine Resources in One Place: Industrial Manufacturing ERP

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9 Resources in 1 Place: Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Industrial manufacturers face complex business challenges. It’s always been difficult to effectively manage parts, production, people and products. And, today it’s even harder.

The solution is to become more efficient: Fix broken business processes. Eliminate workarounds and manual make-dos. Integrate core systems. Control inventory spend. Streamline the supply chain. Manage overall costs and cashflow. Achieve transparency and visibility into every aspect of operations.

To do these things, you need the right ERP solution. But what is the best solution for your organization?

Every organization is different. No company handles any phase of operations – estimating, configuration, orders, changes, planning, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, inventory, distribution, shipping, sales and field service – the same way. And no company has exactly the same processes.

We’ve compiled these resources – blogs, on-demand webinars, podcasts, project stories from the field and case studies – to give you information and insight to help you make the right choice:

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Understand the Hype Vs. Reality for Industrial IoT

Get to the root of what IIoT technology can do for you now, with examples of how others are addressing this trend. WATCH >>>

BLOG: Manufacturing Q&A: Optimized Product Configuration, Industry 4.0 and a Better Buying Experience

Experts chat about accessing hidden capacity and redefining the customer experience with Industry 4.0 technologies. READ >>>

FROM THE FIELD: Industrial Equipment and Electronics Manufacturer Manages Growth with Modern ERP

Outmoded custom ERP hinders process optimization, requires spreadsheets, manual processes and workarounds. READ >>>

BLOG: How Does Industry 4.0 Impact Manufacturing and Distribution Companies?

Gain insight into how Industry 4.0 technologies drive realignment of business processes and create new value for manufacturers. READ >>>

7 Steps to Effectively Organize an ERP Project

The 7 Steps to Effectively Organize an ERP Project is designed for ERP project teams from today’s forward-thinking manufacturing and distribution organizations.

  • Read tried and true strategies for manufacturers to effectively manage an ERP selection project. See what it takes to be successful and more with this Download.

CASE STUDY: Briggs Equipment Inc.

Materials handling equipment maker chose Ultra to guide complex ERP selection process, process redesign and implementation. DOWNLOAD >>>

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Race to Recovery: Leverage AI for Smarter Forecasting

Learn how industrial manufacturers are maximizing the accuracy of sales forecasts and minimizing overstocks. WATCH >>>

PODCAST: ‘Hidden’ Manufacturing Capacity and Smart Technologies

Infor’s Nick Castellina discusses customer experience, and how optimized product configuration can help manufacturers thrive. LISTEN >>>

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Industry 4.0: What’s the Impact on Manufacturing & Distribution

Ultra and Terillium experts discuss Industry 4.0 technologies and how they can be leveraged for business process improvement. WATCH >>>

FROM THE FIELD: When ‘Green Screen’ ERP Hinders Expansion, Modern ERP Opens New Doors

Hygienic production components manufacturer loses legacy system and gains ability to expand. READ >>>


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