Moving to the Short List of ERP Vendors (Podcast)

Moving to the Short List of ERP Vendors (Podcast)

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Moving to the Short List of ERP Vendors

Podcast Episode

Episode 11: (10:49)

Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr hosts another edition of the ERP Insights Podcast with useful information about moving to the short list of ERP vendors.

As Jeff describes, it can be confusing to engage ERP vendors when you enter into a project to replace your old legacy system.

A major part of Ultra’s value add is providing information on the vendors to shortcut the difficult process of identifying the right vendors and the right partners to evaluate.

Without guidance we find ERP selection teams often identifying as many as 12 to 15 vendors. Having too many vendors in the list results in a lot of wasted time. In every vertical market the educated buyer need only put 5 to 8 vendors on their long list which reduces your efforts by 50%.

Listen and Learn

As an independent ERP consulting firm, the topic of whittling down ERP vendors comes up often as project teams look to Ultra to understand the best way to work through enterprise system selection.

The key question is the vendor short list. How to get to it and how big should it be?

Listen as Jeff outlines the best approach to the ongoing process of vendor evaluation.

The podcast helps illustrate that the role of an ERP consultant in driving effective ERP system evaluation and selection.

A Common Challenge

Whittling down to the short list of ERP vendors is a common challenged faced by the ERP project team, and one that  is an important phase to manage.

We've seen this phase take up more time than it should, because of lack of planning in advance.  Hear Jeff describe these experiences and how to improve the process.

The Short List of ERP Vendors - Learn More

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