The Fourth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

The Fourth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

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The Fourth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

#4: Not Prioritizing the User Experience

Lack of attention to the user interface can result in under-utilization of the solution.

The new generation of technology users expects an Amazon- or Apple-like user experience from their ERP system. Some enterprise solution providers have invested billions of dollars in re-developing and upgrading their user experience. But others have not. UX should be a key criterion in the solution selection process.

A poorly designed, difficult-to-use interface can be a productivity-killer. And when you force people to conform to technology, instead of the reverse, the result is diminished buy-in, reduced compliance and heightened resistance to change.

Include users from all levels of the organization in the ERP solution demo and selection process. Remind the project team that software needs to serve both the goals of the organization and the people who use it.

The 7 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation

Some mistakes are just bad strategic or financial decisions. Some are the inevitable consequence of situational or organizational factors. Some, however, are the result of process-oriented or people-centric choices – and are easily avoided. These are The Seven Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation.

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