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Webinar: The Hidden Cost of Legacy ERP

Learn how your old technology can be the reason you lose customers or fail to maximize their lifetime value. You’ll also hear how mid-sized enterprises have used their new ERP system to transform their organizations and boost their revenue, improve profitability, increase valuation and enhance stockholder returns.

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Webinar: Top 10 Distribution KPIs – and Why They Matter

In today’s new now, it’s important to do everything to shave costs, increase revenue and boost profitability. The challenge is identifying where new efficiencies can be found. The answers are revealed by detailed and accurate KPIs driven by data from your ERP solution. But which KPIs are the most critical?

Webinar: Facing the New Normal – From Process to Technology

For more than a year, manufacturers have been hunkered down and making-do. And now, as companies grind through the post-pandemic business environment, forward-looking organizations are evaluating their legacy ERP solutions and less-than-optimal processes – and wondering if they should invest in new, more capable technologies.

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Webinar: On the Bright Side: How to Create Opportunity from 2020’s Disruptions

The challenges of 2020 forced many distributors to make fast pivots in order to steady day-to-day operations. And what’s more, resolving these unexpected problems left little time to make forward-thinking process improvements. Learn how smart distributors leveraged their ERP solution to overcome last year’s extraordinary challenges.

Webinar: Future-Proof Your Organization with IIoT

Industrial manufacturers worldwide are feeling the pressure of rapid change and escalating volatility. And your organization needs to step up if you want to meet the demand for greater speed and value.

How will you adapt, scale and innovate?

Mitigating Disruption in Your Supply Chain with Predictive Analytics

The events of this past year rocked the food and beverage industry. As we look forward to the coming year, and consider how our past and current experiences are likely to shape the future, manufacturers must ensure their organizations are equipped to handle the unknown.

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