Ernie Eichenbaum

Ernie Eichenbaum brings over 30 years of project management, enterprise software application and business operations expertise to his Senior Manager position. His background has afforded him the ability to truly understand how businesses can combine process improvements with their end-to-end business processes via software technologies, resulting in increased corporate performance and a competitive advantage. Prior to joining Ultra Consultants, Ernie led consulting projects and operations at nexDimension Technology Solutions. He also previously held the position of VP Consulting at Infor Global Solutions, where he led multiple large-scale projects and consulting practices. At Avanade and Baan/SSA Global, Ernie held increasingly responsible project and management positions ranging from Supply Chain Consultant to Vice President in charge of a regional Project Management Office that governed over 400 concurrent projects in 20 practices. Ernie’s consulting experience centers on project and executive program leadership within industrial enterprises that have complex make, move and service operations. Ernie is known for leveraging his leadership skills and ability to recognize and respond to business challenges while providing his teams with the discipline, tools, methods, and materials necessary to meet client needs and project goals. Prior to his roles in consulting, Ernie worked in industry positions ranging from Production Planning at Scitex to Manufacturing Plant Management at Telrad, a multi-national High-Tech/Telecomm firm. Ernie holds a B.Sc. in Management Engineering and Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Tel Aviv University and has studied Constraint Based Planning with Eli Goldratt. He is on the board of Conexx (The Israel-America Chamber of Commerce), an Executive Board Member of the Briarlake Community Forest Association, and served as a Major in the Israeli Army as a Company Commander in a Tank Battalion.
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