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Showcase Webinar:  Manufacturing Execution Systems and ERP: What’s Ahead in 2019?

In manufacturing, especially as you prepare for 2019, a company’s profitability is made on the shop floor. Accurate, real-time visibility into your production and factory floor is a critical component of the modern manufacturing organization.

With special guests from IQMS, this industry showcase webinar looks at the power of integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

You’ll see what it takes to enhance visibility and transparency into every aspect of your manufacturing operation. Understand the business benefits of truly integrating ERP with the shop floor to top floor approach, to achieve more accurate production, improved lead time and quality.

Key Take Aways

  • Learn how to leverage real-time data from events happening on the plant floor to drive business decisions throughout the enterprise
  • Gain key insights into plant floor technology that will help you manage growth and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations
  • Learn how a “shop-floor first” solution will help increase visibility and transparency of events up and down the supply chain
  • Identify the savings potential an MES solution can delivery by reducing costs associated with excess scrap, rejects and returns and poor performing and idle equipment
  • Learn why MES is instrumental to ensuring on time delivery of quality products to guarantee customer

About IQMS

From state-of-the-art process monitoring tools that track process data parameters including item numbers, work center details, lot numbers, dates and time, etc,  to shop floor machine data collection (such as planned versus actual production, unplanned downtime, real-time production quality, and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)), IQMS has the tools to help you control costs and proactively make informed decisions.  Learn more about IQMS.

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    Justin Goldston, Senior Consultant, Ultra Consultants

    Ultra ConsultantsJustin Goldston, CSCP, LSSGB, PSM, PLS, is an accomplished manufacturing operations professional. He has held leadership roles at ERP vendors, while also adding his expertise in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Lean Six Sigma and ERP at several manufacturing organizations.
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    Trevor Diehl, Senior Vice President, Product Development

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    Steve Bieszczat, Chief Marketing Officer