Year in Review: Our 12 Best ERP Blog Posts of 2020

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Year in Review: Our 12 Best ERP Blog Posts of 2020

For many organizations, the end of the year is a time to look back and see what was successful. Ultra is no exception. Here, based on views, social media shares and other criteria, are our 12 Best Blog Posts for 2020:

manufacturing connectivity horiz crop 2 300x181 112.  Manufacturing Q&A: Optimized Product Configuration, Industry 4.0 and a Better Buying

Experience |  Our Michael Chesin spoke with Nick Castellina, VP – Go-to-Market Management for Infor, about optimizing the customer experience.

MILBANK M logo 300x180 111.  Stories from the Field: Milbank Leverages ERP to Boost Productivity and Margins

 Cross-plant transfers, sales & operations planning and other process challenges were solved with a business process improvement initiative and a modern ERP solution.

warehouse shelves blue crop 2 300x159 110.  Distributors: How to Be Like Amazon (3 Steps)

Business customers, like consumers, now expect the Amazon experience. As a distributor, how do you offer that easy, seamless buying process to your customers?


train derailment 500x333 color edit CROP 300x169 19.  Five Mistakes That Derail the ERP Software Selection Process

Many organizations get off-track right at the start when they believe some common myths – misconceptions that can result in the wrong choice for your business.


7 Deadly Sins Cover 300x168 18.  Know and Avoid “The 7 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation”

ERP implementation is one of the most complex and high-risk projects your organization will ever undertake. And it is extremely easy to make mistakes.


iStock 1149749384 crop 300x181 17.  ERP Implementation Go-Live Checklist

A lot can go wrong when an ERP system goes live. But with careful planning and process – and if you follow this checklist – it can be a smooth, seamless experience.


iStock 1248908318 crop 500x306 1 300x184 16.  Food & Beverage Q&A: COVID Challenges, What We See Now and How ERP Enables Agility

Read what Aaron Olin, an Ultra Senior Consultant, had to say about the state of the industry and how companies are meeting the unfamiliar challenges of these difficult times.

supply chain maturity chart 300x198 15.  Is Your Supply Chain Mature Enough to Withstand the Next Disruption?

When a large-scale disruption occurs, the first thing business leaders must do is assess their current supply chain maturity. Where does your supply chain fall on this scale?

Evans logo 300x183 14.  Stories From the Field: Evans Food Group Acquisitions Require Rapid ERP Deployments

The company’s ERP solution brought the entire organization under a common set of processes and systems – and created a foundation for integration of future acquisitions.

pitfalls iStock 657556628 600x400 1 300x200 13.  Five Reasons Business Process Improvement Projects Fail to Achieve Their Goals

Organizations initiate BPI projects to streamline processes, find efficiencies and more effectively utilize resources. But the majority of these projects do not achieve their goals.

covid thrive horiz crop 300x172 12. Food & Beverage Q&A: Experts on How to Survive and Thrive in the “New Now”

We recently asked two of our top Food & Beverage consultants, Rafael Calderon and Aaron Olin, what manufacturers, processors and distributors need to know today.

iStock 1147449057 300x184 11.  Five Things You Don’t Have With an Aging ERP System

Older ERP software can have significant technical or operational limitations, and may not be able to support new business opportunities or strategies. Know what you could be missing.

The 7 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation

Some mistakes are just bad strategic or financial decisions. Some are the inevitable consequence of situational or organizational factors. Some, however, are the result of process-oriented or people-centric choices – and are easily avoided. These are The Seven Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation.

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